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Following up people is everyone's job!

Following up someone in your connect group shouldn't be an overwhelming task. If you notice someone in your group who hasn't turned up to your connect group or hasn't turned up to church, give them a call or send them a quick text.  This shows people that there are people in our church who do care and who are thinking about them.

A simple follow up text may go something like this:

"Hi..(name). I noticed you weren't at church last Sunday. Just wanted to check in and make sure everything is ok.  Hope you are having a great week and hope to see you this Sunday at church!

A simple follow up call may go something like this:

"Hi (name), It's  (your name) from the Rock Church. How are you? Just a quick call just to see how you have been going? I noticed you haven't been coming along to connect group the last few weeks. Just checking in to see if everything is ok? Have you had a good week?

That's great! Well I really hope to see you at our next connect group. Will I see you there? Fantastic, see you then!

Living to lead! 

Rock Church Pastoral Team

Working With Children Blue Cards

All our volunteers at the Rock Church should have Working with Children Blue Cards.  It's free to apply if you are a volunteer with the Rock Church.. However, you will need to provide 2 forms of identification as per the requirements on the form.

If you would like to apply for a Blue Card, please download or print the form here. and hand it in to one of our pastoral team this Sunday. 


Rock Church Pastoral Team

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